0003-O01 - Unbuilt natural areas

0003-O01 (en)

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  • Location – town/settlement

    Nunaannaq (Det aabne land)

  • Purpose

    Unbuilt areas

  • Specific use

    Unbuilt natural areas

  • Use

    The area is zoned for unbuilt natural areas that are characterised by being unspoiled or almost unspoiled, without buildings or facilities. The area usually entails a five-kilometre buffer zone around all measures in open country.

  • Current conditions

    The area is unspoiled and not yet developed The area covers a total of 657.000 ha.

  • Building provisions

    The area is to remain clear of buildings and facilities. However, to a limited extent, a few hunting and emergency huts may be established as long as their number does not change the area’s overall use.

  • Remaining available space

    No special provisions

  • Traffic service and utilities

    No traffic or power supply plants can be established. It is possible to mark hiking paths through the areas.

  • Listed, protected and preservation-worthy features

    No special provisions

  • Regulated zones

    No special provisions

  • Special provisions

    No special provisions