Notified area allotments

On this site, announcement of new area allotments is published ongoing.

Notified area allotments can be found online at

§ 25 Available building sites

25.1 Based on "Greenland Parliament Act no. 17 of 17 November 2010" on spatial planning and area use, as amended by "Greenland Parliament Act no. 34 of 9 December 2015", hereby available building sites published for Avannaata Kommunia: eller

25.2 A building site may be available, reserved, assigned (area allotment granted) or not released.

§ 26 Publication of area allotments

26.1 The municipality ongoing publishes the area applications that involve a public hearing on the website

§ 27 Area Allotments

27.1 The municipality ongoing publishes the area allotments that have been granted on the website