When is area allotment necessary?

§ 1 What is area allotment?

1.1 Before an area can be put to use, area allotment is to be granted.

1.2 All new buildings and facilities presuppose area allotment.

1.3 Extensions, major renovations, stairs, terraces etc., roads, parking spaces etc., marked fixed walking routes with associated facilities, water and sewer pipes etc. presuppose area allotment.

1.4 Changes to the use of buildings, areas and facilities presuppose area allotment.

1.5 When a building is rebuilt, you need to apply for area allotment for both demolition and construction since this constitutes a new area allotment.

1.6 When an owner buys or sells properties and/or facilities to another person, or when a person inherits and realises mortgage, the right of use is to be transferred by means of area allotment, since area allotment is personal, and since a transfer to a new rights holder is to be approved by the land authority.

1.7 To transfer the right of use, the new owner of the building or facility is to apply to take over the area allotment. The municipal council is therefore to decide whether the right to use the area can be transferred to the new owner. If the new owner wishes to use the building for other purposes than those practiced so far, and if the new use conflicts with current planning for the area, the municipal council may refuse to approve the transfer of rights under the new terms.

§ 2 Types of area allotment

2.1 Permanent area allotments are granted to buildings with associated facilities and to major facilities.

Associated facilities include, e.g., terraces, steps, parking space, sheds and service lines.

Major facilities are, e.g., roads, main sewers, high-voltage poles in a single routing layout etc.

2.2 Time-limited area allotment may be terminated subject to three months’ notice.

2.3 In special cases, the notice may be shorter than three months. In such cases, the municipality may offer financial compensation for relocation and assigns a replacement area.

2.4 Time-limited area allotments may be terminated without notice, if:

  • the rights holder declares that the use of the area has ceased, cf. sub-section 15.4.
  • the municipality finds that the use of the area has ceased, cf. sub-sections 15.5-15.7.
  • the municipality detects non-compliance with the terms and conditions of area allotment, cf. sub-sections 15.8 and 15.9.

Time-limited area allotments are granted to temporary uses or when an area is to be used for a shorter period of time.

This may concern, e.g., the placing of containers, boats, storage of fishing gear, keeping of dogs etc.

This may also concern the use of areas which, in the town plan, have been laid out in a subarea with provisions regarding use, but are yet to be put to use.

2.5 In case of a short-term use of an area, for a period of less than two months, area allotment is usually not necessary. However, written permission is to be obtained with the municipality.