§ 15 Exemption

15.1 An exemption from the detailed provisions for a subarea can be granted by the municipal council as long as the exemption does not conflict with the principles in the town plan’s overall provisions for the subarea in question.

15.2 Deviations from a provision for a subarea, the contents of which is determined in agreement with a governmental or state authority, can only be granted following the approval of the authority in question.

15.3 More extensive deviations from the overall provisions in force for a subarea can only be realised by preparing new overall provisions for the subarea in question.

15.4 Exemptions from detailed provisions that affect neighbours or other parties cannot be granted until at least two weeks have passed after the municipal council has conducted a hearing with the neighbours or other parties who are seen to have a significant, individual interest in the result. The hearing is to include information regarding the subject of exemption and is to state that any comments are to be submitted within a deadline of at least two weeks.