Reading instructions

The town plan consists of four sections as shown in the menu at the top of the page:

Vision and main structure covers the entire municipality. Here, you can find a forecast stating links to other planning and a status description of the development in recent years.

Town and settlement plans contain a description of each of the municipality’s 27 towns and settlements in terms of population and homes, commerce, infrastructure and utilities, public and private service, as well as cultural and leisure features. Development targets are stated for each town and settlement. The town and settlement plans contain both general and detailed provisions regarding their subareas, i.e. residential and industrial areas, centre areas and areas for public purposes etc. Provisions may concern use, buildings, roads and paths etc. The plans also designate preservation-worthy buildings and areas.

Open country includes areas outside of towns and settlements. These areas are divided into five different types, and general provisions are stipulated for each area.

Area allotment determines the rules for allotment of areas based on overall spatial planning.