IT, democracy and dialogue

The development in information technology is creating new opportunities for the good life in Avannaata Kommunia. The world has become smaller and more open at the time. Some of the special challenges we have in the municipality, due to its geographical size, can be addressed by the use of IT solutions linking the administration, towns, settlements and inhabitants closer together. This also provides new opportunities for businesses for co-operation, net-working, learning and exchange of knowledge with a global perspective.

It is therefore important that IT be seen as a basic working tool for the municipality and in daily life. Openness, dialogue and the use of modern technologies are to ensure a vibrant municipality, where the citizens feel they are part of the democracy. Therefore, IT solutions are to be available as a fundamental and accessible tool in the day-to-day dialogue between citizens and the municipal administrations.


  • The municipality’s IT infrastructure is to be continually elaborated and improved for the benefit of learning, services and public dialogue.
  • The digital case processing must be strengthened with focus on faster processing times and more uniform case processing in all municipalities and towns.
  • Citizen involvement and dialogue are to be increasingly digitised, and not least in the most isolated settlements. We are continually to test new methods.
  • IT are to be used more intensely in schools and possibly also in day-care institutions.
  • All parts of the town plan are to be available and well presented on the municipal website, and maybe also on social media.
  • The IT technology network has been greatly enhanced by construction of sea cable as far as Aasiaat, and amplification of the radio link to Ilulissat, and expansion of the radio link from Uummannaq til Upernavik