About area allotments

Greenland enforces joint ownership of land. Consequently, areas cannot be bought or sold. Permission to build or erect structures and facilities presupposes area allotment, which implies the right to use the land.

This also applies to changes in land use or building use, temporary land use, terrain modifications, and both demolition and reconstruction of buildings.

Area allotment is personal, and since a transfer to a new rights holder is to be approved by the land authority. Therefore, when buying and selling buildings and/or facilities from one owner to another, or by inheritance and accomplishment of mortgages, transfer of the right of use shall be carried out through an area allotment.

Permission for land use pursuant to a construction act and national planning directives, etc. may be given by Naalakkersuisut.

Provisions for area allotment in Avannaata Kommunia are provided by the municipal council on the basis of Greenland Parliament Act no. 17 of 17 November on spatial planning and area use, section 14, sub-section 2, section 22 and sections 37 to 52, and Greenland Parliament Act no. 34 of 9 December 2015 on legislative amendment to act on spatial planning and area use (National planning report, reservation of areas, possibility of extension of expiry date, publication of waiting lists, removal of the plan and area law board, etc.).

List of contents

Sections Provisions
When is area allotment necessary? § 1 What is area allotment?
§ 2 Types of area allotment
Who determines area allotment? § 3 Authority on areas
Application for area allotment § 4 Application for area allotment
§ 5 Advertisement of available areas
§ 6 Requirements for area applications
Procedure § 7 Requirements for project application
§ 8 Project application
§ 9 Environmental Assessment
§ 10 Reservation of area
§ 11 Entitlement to area allotment
§ 12 Registration of area allotments
§ 13 Injunction pursuant to section § 32
Annulment of area allotment § 14 Deadlines for utilisation of area allotments
Exemption § 15 Exemption
Complaints § 16 Complaints
Supervision and enforcement § 17 Supervision and enforcement
§ 18 Sanctions
Containers § 19 Containers
Keeping of dogs § 20 Keeping of dogs.
Boat storage § 21 Boat storage
National planning interests § 22 National planning interests
Open country § 23 Open country
Permits by other authorities § 24 Permits by other authorities
Notified area allotments § 25 Available building sites
§ 26 Publication of area allotments
§ 27 Area Allotments

Provisions on area allotment

Consequently, Avannaata Kommunia requires a set of provisions that can form the basis for managing the allotment of areas and right of use. The following guidelines make up a tool assisting the municipality, as well as information to citizens on how applications for area allotment are processed.

The provisions consist of general provisions, which include provisions for towns, settlements and open country, including special provisions regarding containers, boat storage, keeping of dogs etc.

Furthermore, there are a set of standard conditions for area allotment and a set of general guidelines on area allotment.

Text in italics aims to explain and illustrate the provisions. Thus, text in italics is not provisions and as such not enforceable.

As a basis for managing areas in Avannaata Municipality, detailed provisions are predominantly to be prepared prior to finalising area allotment. All area allotment is to comply with the town plan.