A good and efficient infrastructure is a necessity for developing society. It is important for citizens mobility and everyday life, as well as a crucial parameter for both companies' competitiveness and the development of the tourism industry in the municipality.

Due to the long distances and extreme climate conditions, infrastructure plays an important role in Avannaata Kommunia. Modern airports and port facilities are vital in terms of supply and export, as well as servicing the many tourists visiting us every year and for the continued development of the tourism industry.

Infrastructure also includes the normal road and path systems and the public transport systems – everything that ensures accessibility on a daily basis and therefore is highly rated.

The municipal council is very aware of the need to continuously invest in the infrastructure, but also that it is based on a rational and holistic view that is coordinated with the self-investment in national infrastructure. The development must therefore be in close interaction and in line with the overall business development, as well as the planning of the housing and the open country. During the previous planning period, sector plans for traffic and road structure have been prepared in all towns and settlements of the municipality in order to ensure a coordinated decision base for infrastructure investments. These sector plans are incorporated in the town plan and coordinated with land use planning. There is already made new plan for the expansion of the airport in Ilulissat on a 2,200 m runway where a design work already undertaken.

The airport expansion supports several of the ongoing projects, such as the Icefjord Centre, the Ilimanaq project, and the expansion of Eqi. The project will create a need for expansion of other infrastructure elements in and around Ilulissat. At the same time, it will also create a major development potential for future urban expansion in the area from Ilulissat and up to the expanded airport, of which planning of holistic development of the northern areas between Ilulissat and the airport, as well as the southern part of Brede Bay, has already begun.

As part of up-dating the planning basis for the development of cruise ship activities, an inspection and preliminary investigation of selected locations were carried by sea between Ilulissat and Oqaatsut. During the coming planning period, the planning basis for a new port in Ilulissat is to be incorporated in the town plan. The four potential locations include an area near the existing port in Ilulissat, Hollænderhavnen, Tinussaraa, Bredebugt and Oqaatsut. The location, size etc. of the new port facilities are to be decided based on a well-documented basis, which is to be prepared.

Technical supply plants related to electricity, water, heating, wastewater and refuse are also an important part of the municipal infrastructure. In the coming years, focus is to be on sustainability and more environmentally friendly solutions, including new innovative waste solutions to replace the existing, which in some places are a threat to public health. The aim is also to promote sustainable energy solutions.


  • Development of infrastructure is to take place based on rational and holistic considerations to ensure the most value for money.
  • Major investments in new infrastructure should be based on the Transport Commission's recommendations, including expansion of Ilulissat Airport and improvement of port facilities in Ilulissat.
  • The expansion of the airport in Ilulissat provides good conditions for developing the tourism industry. To support the possibilities, a business development plan must be prepared for the entire Avannaata Kommunia, based on Naalakkersuisut's expansion plan for Ilulissat Airport.
  • The development of infrastructure in and between towns and settlements is to promote the mobility, safety and safety of citizens and businesses.
  • Upgrading the conditions for boat traffic is an important area, demanding thorough further investigations of the locations to house new port facilities, including the preparation of necessary sea charts and maps.
  • The traffic safety of vulnerable road users is to be improved, e.g. by efforts targeting school roads and paths.
  • The municipal council wants to open up for private funding of infrastructure, e.g. for port and airport facilities. This can be realised by drawing up voluntary extension agreements.
  • By means of spatial planning, we are to secure area allotments for the promotion of new sustainable technical supply solutions, e.g. waste management and sustainable energy initiatives.
  • Future waste management is to focus on recycling, re-use and sorting at source. Areas for waste sorting are also to be reserved.
  • New knowledge and research is a prerequisite for sustainable solutions. The municipality will work actively on collaborating on development projects that can help solve the climate change problem that contributes to the city's impact. Including a number of new challenges, such as vulnerability to permafrost that may generate infrastructure problems.