§ 16 Complaints

16.1 Appeals against the decision made by the municipal council are handled by the Government of Greenland. Complaints are to be submitted no later than eight weeks after the decision of the municipal council. Complaints may be submitted directly to the Government of Greenland or to Avannaata Municipality, which will forward complaints to the Government of Greenland and include comments on the preceding case processing in the municipality.

16.2 The Government of Greenland’s decision on a complaint is final and cannot be appealed with any other administrative authority. The decision can be brought before a court of law. There is no deadline for bringing a matter before a court of law.

16.3 The Government of Greenland can grant suspensory effect to a complaint. This means that a permission cannot be utilised until the complaint has been processed.

16.4 If the Government of Greenland grants suspensory effect to a complaint, the municipal council is obligated to inform the person who was granted the permission that the construction or measure cannot be commenced, or is to stop if it has commenced.