Vision and main structure

Welcome to Avannaata Kommunia's Town Plan 2018-2030.

The town plan has become digital and it increases accessibility for citizens, administrators, authorities and politicians.

Below is a section of the content in the town plan​.

This part of the town plan describes the main premises for spatial planning in Greenland's northernmost municipality, including:

  • an overall vision setting out the direction for the development of Avannaata Kommunia
  • a status description of the development within important areas such as population, settlement, industry, construction etc.
  • the specific goals of the municipal council for the development and land use in Avannaata Kommunia
  • a planning forecast describing links to other planning – including national spatial planning, economic planning and municipal planning (local plans, town plan addendums etc.) since the latest plan revision.
  • an overall main structure that describes the overall characteristic features and structures in Avannaata Kommunia, and provides plans for the future.