M: Keeping of animals and agriculture

Overall, areas zoned for the keeping of animals and agriculture can accommodate buildings, technical plants and other intensive area use related to sheep farming, agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, dog islands etc., including surrounding areas. Accordingly, buildings, technical plants and other intensive use can be established as required by the professions relying on the exploitation of live resources.

Overall provisions for each subarea can be accessed below.

Other types of industrial activity are not permitted in these subareas. In some cases, buildings and technical plants in M areas are solitary structures with ancillary plants that depend on technical supply plants or infrastructure, such as proper means of transport. To accommodate this need, supply facilities serving buildings and technical plants are allowed in M areas. Moreover, year-round dwellings related to the profession can be built, provided that the building height is limited to 2 storeys or 7.5 metres. Subject to restrictions, recreational huts, holiday cottages and hunting and emergency huts can be built if their number is compatible with the overall zoning of the area.

Provisions and subareas

The overall provisions for each subarea are the basis for the municipality's granting of area allotments and building permits.

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In areas zoned for the keeping of animals and agriculture, the minimum distance between a hut and buildings accommodating commercial activities is 60 metres. The minimum distance between huts is also 60 metres.

Jetties, roads, wheel tracks or paths can be constructed in connection with technical plants and buildings in these subareas. In addition, technical supply plants can be established, including electricity plants, water, telecommunications and sewerage facilities supplying the individual subareas. The establishment of freshwater abstraction, wastewater discharge and major energy supply plants requires planning permission from the Government of Greenland.

M areas are classified into:

  • M1: Agriculture
  • M2: Processing of fishing, sealing and whaling products
  • M3: Dog islands.

M1: Agriculture

Experimental farming areas are zoned for the cultivation of vegetables and crops. In these areas, it is possible to establish buildings to support farming, such as greenhouses, machine sheds or the like.

M2: Processing of fishing, sealing and whaling products

In areas zoned for product processing, buildings and technical plants can be established to support small-scale commercial activities defined as smoking and drying of fish and meat as well as fur product processing.

M3: Dog islands

On island for dogs, small buildings can be erected to provide care/supplies for the dogs.

Distances to the coastline and other natural habitats

According to the current legislation on the protection of nature, Act No. 29 of 18 December 2003, placing buildings, planting, cultivation and drainage or other changes in the terrain is prohibited within a distance of 100 meters from salt lakes and saline lakes, trout rivers, hot springs and the coastline.

Recreational and tourist huts can only be placed closer than 100 meters from the said habitats, if this is determined in an addendum to the town plan containing detailed provisions for the subarea concerned.

The Government of Greenland may in special cases grant exemptions from the above distances.