1500-D04 - Defunct cemetery in Uummannaq

1500-D04 (en)

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  • Location – town/settlement


  • Purpose

    Unbuilt areas and areas for recreational purposes

  • Specific use

    Areas for recreational purposes

  • Use

    The area is to be used for recreational purposes in the shape of the old cemetery as well as a museum and exhibition area

  • Current conditions

    The area covers an area of some 2 ha

  • Building provisions

    Buildings/facilities may be constructed that support the area’s use for recreational purposes

  • Remaining available space

    No special provisions

  • Traffic service and utilities

    Road access to the area is to be from Maniillat Qaqqaat and Frederik Frederiksenip Aqqutaa

  • Listed, protected and preservation-worthy features

    No special provisions

  • Regulated zones

    The area is located under the obstacle limitation surface at the heliport (overflight area and transition surface), where the maximum rigde height of buildings and facilities varies with a positive slope away from the start and landing area.

  • Special provisions

    No special provisions