0003-M08 - Oqaatsut Qeqertaa

0003-M08 (en)

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  • Location – town/settlement

    Nunaannaq (Det aabne land)

  • Purpose

    Keeping of animals and agriculture

  • Specific use

    Processing of fishing, sealing and whaling products

  • Use

    The area is to be used for processing fishing, sealing and whaling products. In the area, it is possible to establish buildings and facilities for smoking and drying fish and meat products as well as for processing hide and fur products – activities that are commercial in nature, but in a smaller scale.

  • Current conditions

    The area is to be used as a processing location, involving drying of fish, meat etc. The area is partially developed

  • Building provisions

    Huts are to have a maximum height of 2 storeys, corresponding to one floor with a habitable attic, measuring no more than 7.5 metres to the ridge. Huts are to be constructed at least 60 metres from industrial buildings in the area. Huts are to be constructed at least 60 metres apart.

  • Remaining available space

    The area covers a total of 218 ha The area is considered fully developed without any available space

  • Traffic service and utilities

    In these areas, jetties, roads, wheel tracks or paths mat be established near facilities and buildings. It is possible to establish technical supply plants, including power, water, telecommunications and sewerage facilities to locally supply each area. Facilities for capturing fresh-water, sewage discharge as well as major power supply plants can only be established following permission by the Government of Greenland.

  • Listed, protected and preservation-worthy features

    No special provisions

  • Regulated zones

    No special provisions

  • Special provisions

    No special provisions