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Cultural heritage

Cultural heritage explains who we are and where we come from, and is therefore important to the present and future. Being the original population in the Arctic areas, the Inuit have during the past centuries adapted to the nature they live in and by, which is one of the world’s most fragile eco systems. The Inuit culture and Arctic way of living are specifically vulnerable, especially seen in the light of the present social developments and climate changes, but the culture is still alive and well in the Greenlandic literature, art, music and food.

In Avannaata Kommunia, there are many different locations with their own distinctive cultural heritage, including listed buildings and buildings of special historic or architectural interest, and valuable cultural environments both within the inhabited areas and in open country. The cultural heritage is constantly influenced by human activity and nature’s evolution. This means that there is a constant need for attention and protection. By planning, we can work actively to protect cultural heritage, while creating new opportunities for experiences and values that benefit society and contribute to creating identity and solidarity. Avannaata Kommunia will prioritize the cultural heritage highly and wish to create a common understanding of protecting and protecting our common heritage and ensuring that these values are not lost.

It is of significant importance to the municipal council to safeguard the northern Greenlandic cultural heritage, in built-up and unbuilt areas alike. The objective is, as a part of future efforts, to include the public more systematically in the work. The citizens obviously play a main role in preserving buildings of special preservation interest, and can at the same time provide valuable contributions to the mapping of cultural heritage and history. 


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